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Trip Notes
Difficulty: Moderate

Duration: 5d/4n

  • The magnificent Choquequirao, the “off-the-beaten-path” Machu Picchu
  • Enjoy the extreme bio-diversity of the Andes and the Apurimac River
  • The House of Waterfall and terraces of Paqchayoc
  • Sensational view from Marampata Peak
  • Private transportation to the trailhead (Cachora)
  • Return transportation to Cusco
  • Bilingual and experienced trekking guide
  • Experienced trekking chef
  • Horses/mules to transport camping equipment
  • 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 4 dinners
  • 2 person per tent (spacious)
  • Large kitchen and dining tent at camping site
  • First aid kit (including oxygen kit)
  • Entrance fees to the Archaeological Park
Not Included:
  • Personal Porter (6 kg/13 lbs) 
  • Trekking Poles
  • Sleeping bag
  • Dinner on the last day
Packing List:
  • Backpack
  • Four or five changes of clothes and warm clothing
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Hiking or sports shoes
  • Camera
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Toilet paper
  • Snacks: Candy or energy bars
  • Water bottle and sterilizing tablets/water filter
  • Swimsuit
  • Cash in Peruvian Soles or $US
  • Original passport (required for entry to the Inca Trail)
  • Walking stick or poles (Suggested)
Possible Extensions/Upgrades:
  • Sleeping Bag Rental $15
  • Trekking Backpack Rental $20
  • 2 Trekking Poles $15
  • Personal Porter 6 kilos, 14 pounds Full Trek $50
Available Discounts:
  • Students (Requires a valid International Student Identity Card)

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Choquequirao, the "Other" Machu Picchu 5d/4n

Choquequirao (“The Cradle of Gold” in Quecha) is an ancient Inca city known by many as the “other” Machu Picchu.  Built by Tupac Inca Yupanqui and Huayna Capac (1471-1527), it is one of the lost Incan cities rediscovered by Juan Arias Díaz in 1710. Although receiving little attention until once again rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in the early 1900’s, it is a great alternative to the crowded Inca Trail and leads to an area that has no road access. It was one of the last cities that the Incan Empire withheld from Spanish control (from 1535-1571) and was most likely an entrance to the City of Vilcacamba. It is located in between the Salkantay mountain range and above the Apurimac River, in the heart of the Cusco region.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Cusco – Cachora – Playa Rosalina

We will pick you up from your hotel or hostel at 6 AM to start our drive in our private chartered transportation and arrive at the town of Cachora around 10 AM. We will make a stop midway to enjoy a hot breakfast where you will be able to enjoy the scenery of Limatambo Canyon, which is surrounded by the Humantay Mountains before continuing on to the village of Cachora. From here, we will meet our porters and camping staff before starting our hike to Capuliyoc (2915 M/9651 feet) to admire the scenery of the Apurimac Valley. We will the start our descent to Coca Masana (2330 M/7544 Feet) to enjoy warmer climate and diverse array of fauna. From Coca Masana, we will continue onwards to Playa Rosalina (1550 M/ 5084 feet), reaching the illustrious Apurimac River where we will camp for the night. Time for our first gourmet dinner prepared by our chefs!

Day 2
Playa Rosalina – Marampata - Choquequirao

We will start today off nice and early with a hot breakfast for some needed energy before our hour trek to the Apurimac River. We will continue on to cross over a holding bridge to a forest of cacti, agaves, and other various exotic fruits. From the river, we will ascend for 3 hours to reach the breathtaking Marampata (2900m/9512 feet) where we will eat lunch. Once you have your feet back under you, we will venture towards Choquequirao for about 2 hours or so. During our walk towards the ruins, you will encounter a diverse variety of fauna and flora, well worth taking some photos to capture the memories. Once we reach the ruins, you will get to visit the magnificent House of the Waterfall and the famous terraces of Paqchayoc before returning to our campsite near Choquequirao for dinner and camping.

Day 3
Choquerio – Day at the Ruins

We will start this day off a little later than usual, enjoy a delicious breakfast, and then head to the glorious ruins of Choquequirao - where our experienced guides will lead a tour explaining the historical significance of the site. You will find that although we spend the majority of the day here, you will wish we had more time to explore these breathtaking ancient ruins. After the tour you will have time own your own to explore the vast complexity of the ruins - leading you to further appreciate this gem of the Incan empire. After additional exploration, we will trek to our next camping site at Raqaypata.

Day 4
Choquequirao - Chiquisca

After a quick breakfast, we will begin our sharp descent to the Apurimac River. As we near the river, the heat becomes more intense and we will arrive very hot and weathered from the trek. But fear not, a refreshing natural bathe awaits you to cool down after we cross the bridge over the river. After you have had the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing sensation of the cool water, we will have lunch and beverages waiting for you. We will take time for the intense heat to pass before we continue on to our campsite at Chiquisca. Here we will enjoy a breathtaking sunset during our last night together and our final dinner as a group.

Day 5
Chiquisca – Cachora - Cusco

After breakfast, we begin our final ascent to Capuliyoc in order to take in the majestic view near the end of our journey. We will then head to Cachora Village for some photos together and spend some time to enjoy our last day. From here we will say farewell to our porters and take the bus back to Cusco. We will stop along the way to have lunch and enjoy the amazing Saihuite archaeological site. After Saihuite, we will travel for four more hours to before getting to Cusco. It’s time for a cold drink and a good night’s sleep in a warm bed!  







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