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Timothy Marti - CEO

Ascend Travel CEO Timothy Marti

Timothy earned his BS in Entrepreneurism with a minor in Spanish from the University of Utah. He has worked in Peru as an international intern, and service expedition and internship manager. He has lived nearly two years in Cusco and has helped complete many important humanitarian projects in poor, rural communities. Fully fluent in Spanish, Tim is currently learning to speak Quechua (the indigenous language of Peru) to better communicate with the community members who we work with. As CEO of Ascend Adventure Travel, Timothy is spearheading our international marketing and recruiting efforts, information technology and CRM, project development and community organizing in poor rural communities, and our internship program. Tim is also skilled in graphic design, web programming and accounting. At the age of 26, Tim is extremely passionate towards international development and is eager for the chance to help poor Peruvian entrepreneurs become participants in the tourism industry. What better way than this?

Gregorio Sotalero Tacuri - Community Organization and Project Development

Gregorio is our main community contact.  He is an indigenous Peruvian with a forward-thinking attitude.  Gregorio is in charge of project development and community organizing in the poor rural, communities where we are focusing our efforts. He has led a variety of development projects in rural tourism, irrigation and community infrastructure. Apart from his work with Ascend Travel, Gregorio is the Sales lead for many rural tourism destinations and runs his own authentic Andean weaving cooperative named “Laraypas Indigenas.” He is one of the most innovative Peruvians, and has helped Ascend Travel to lay out its framework for humanitarian programs. Gregorio could be considered an "Andean Naturalist." He is environmentally aware, knowledgable concerning reforestation and water usage, and an expert in Andean weaving. He is leading our water and irrigation projects, strategic alliances with the government and productive reforestation projects. He is a strong, positive example for his community and his country.


Ryan Eldredge - Tour Package Development and Marketing

Ryan Eldredge - Tour Package Development and Marketing

Ryan is currently a 25 year old senior at the University of Utah nearing graduation. He is double majoring in Political Science and International Studies with an emphasis in Latin American Studies. He is also currently completing his minor in Spanish and a certificate of International Relations through Professor Howard Lenham, as well as serving as an intern for The Hinckley Institute of Political Science through Ascend Travel in Cusco, Peru. He has just recently returned from a study abroad in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he attendedclasses taught entirely in Spanish at the Universidad Catolica. In addition to the classes, Ryan also was involved in a community service project, also with the Universidad Catolica, working with kids in impoverished neighborhoods. Ryan is proficient in Spanish and is starting classes in Quechua in Cusco as well. Ryan is committed to a career in international development, improving the lives of the impoverished in the third world countries, and working to improve the quality of communities in dire need of assistance.‏ He's helped us put together our business plan and he's also looking forward to traveling all around Peru and writing about it in the Ascend Travel Blog.

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