Peru Expedition September 2012

Expedition Overview

Join with us for an exciting adventure of humanitarian outreach and intercultural exchange!

In Cusco, there is a great need of education and training, medical care, and infrastructure. Ascend Travel's efforts are focused on the rural poor living in villages outside of the Incan capitol Cusco. Ascend fights poverty and enables intercultural exchange through service expeditions, strategic alliances, innovative projects, and travelers who care – always with an unwavering dedication to safety and fun.

Our main service focuses for this expedition are as follows:
  • Elementary Education
  • Construction of Improved Ventilated Stoves
  • Health and Dental Clinic
  • Productive Reforestation
The villages where we will be working are in the districts of Lamay and Pisaq. Here we will have the chance to stay in rural home-stays that are comfortable, clean, and have running water and electric showers. This is a true rural experience as we engage in cultural activities and help the community members improve their fledgling tourism business.

Expedition Leader

Our expedition leader for this trip is the wonderful Mary Graham. Based out of Seattle, Washington, Mary is an outgoing and adventurous world traveler with a passion for humanitarian outreach. She is a professor at Seattle University and has a PhD in Counselor Education from Oregon State University. She has led similar projects to Nicaragua and Bolivia.

  • Saturday, September 1, 2012
    Morning: Flight from SEA to LAX
    Afternoon: Arrive LAX
    Flight from LAX to LIM
    Evening: Arrive LIM
    Overnight in Airport Hotel

  • Sunday, September 2
    Morning: Flight from LIM to CUZ
    Arrive CUZ
    Bus from airport to hotel
    Afternoon: Optional Cusco city tour
    Evening: Briefing meeting
    Night in hotel

  • Monday - Friday, September 3 - 7
    Morning: Breakfast at rural homestay
    Service projects
    Afternoon: Break for lunch
    Continue service projects
    Evening: Night in rural homestays

  • Saturday-Monday, September 8 - 10
    Cultural Tours
    Customize your tour options online on our website!

  • Tuesday, September 11, 2012
    Morning: Breakfast at hotel
    Depart CUZ for LIM
    Afternoon: Arrive LIM
    Evening: Depart LIM for LAX
    Depart LAX for SEA

Policies and Trip Fees
  1. ADVANCE PREPARATION & COMPLYING WITH REQUIREMENTS IS ESSENTIAL: The participant understands the obligation to read the briefing manual and attend briefing meetings. It is the responsibility of the participant to contact a project director should the participant have questions or concerns.

  2. AGENDAS, TOLERANCE: As a humanitarian, I understand that an important part of my role is to build trust, good will and to strengthen relationships. Thus, I will not proselyte other agendas, including religious or political causes, because I recognize that this may actually undermine trust and future progress. Should I be asked about my religion or politics, I will use good judgment in the way I share beliefs or principles, and I will allow others the same privilege. I will be tolerant of different backgrounds, cultures and traditions both in the expedition group and in the communities where I serve, and I will choose not to be offended when others practice their beliefs.

  3. THIS IS NOT A TOURIST VACATION: The participant needs to prepare physically and mentally to face frustrating circumstances while traveling, working and living in primitive rural areas. The participant will be flexible, patient and keep a sense of humor.

  4. SUPPORT OF EXPEDITION LEADERSHIP & EXEMPLARY CONDUCT IS IMPORTANT: The participant understands that the expedition leader will give their best efforts and will need the support from participants. The participant will also abide by the code of conduct (found in the briefing manual) requiring exemplary behavior & consideration for others.

  5. TRAVEL INSURANCE: I will take personal responsibility for providing travel insurance coverage at my own expense. Ascend Travel has a variety of options available for travelers which can be found by following this link!

  6. AMBASSADOR: I acknowledge that my actions will have an impact on Ascend and its mission in eyes of citizens and public officials of the host country, even after the Ascend program has concluded and I am on personal time away from Ascend project areas. Accordingly, I will continue to use good judgment in my actions, abide by applicable laws, and limit consumption of alcohol so that I may maintain my mental awareness.

  7. DEPOSITS ARE ONLY PARTIALLY REFUNDABLE: Deposits can be at least partially refunded until arrangement penalties go into effect at 60 days prior to departure unless notified otherwise. After 30 days, no refunds are given. Full payment is due 45 days before departure, unless notified otherwise, and is not refundable.

  8. ITINERARY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Certain activities and accomodations can change due to unforeseen circumstances and events. Ascend will try to follow the itinerary as closely as possible, but the participant should be aware that some activities and accomodations can change with little or no notice due to unexpected availability, weather and/or political problems.

Thank you for your interest in helping the rural poor of Peru by participating on an exciting service expedition with Ascend Travel!

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